Been feasting on Karine's soups.  She's a very good cook.  Nora's food got spoiled; partly my fault because I did not put them in the fridge.  I am feeling really low and checking out DS website for uplifting.  I will go to the doctor tom.; Karine is driving me.  Our boss is giving Karine a hard time when she's putting in  a request for time off everytime Karine leaves the office.  Besides there are no pressing tasks in the office since the kids are on break too.  It's not as if Karine leaves the office anytime she wants to.  None of us can do that because we know our boss is so particular with even 1 min. late to work.  We try to understand her being cancer stricken herself but this boss is so selfish as if the money we take for time off is going out of her pocket.