It was so foggy when I got out that morning but quickly cleared as I waited at the bus stop.  Took the wrong bus so I had to make a detour and go to another church.  Luckily, I got there on time for the mass.  Strange, although it was his first death anniversary, the day seemed like an ordinary day. 
I was supposed to have the entire day free but I felt sorry for my boss because the office was short staff that day so I told lady boss I'd try to be in the office in the afternoon.  Karine had a doctor's appointment like the lady boss and Becky is leaving early.  I rushed back home, grabbed a quick lunch and got ready to go to work.  Nora called to check how I was and since it is her lunch break, came to get me. 
Kim is back from Korea.  I am glad her health condition is not that serious but she has to go back after 6 months for a check up.  Her husband just bought a new condo unit and Kim seemed happy about it although the purchase was totally a surprise to her.  The husband did not discuss the investment with her at all.  Anyway, she is obviously so in love with their new investment because she talks about it all the time - how big and functional the kitchen is, the appliances are very modern and the floor space is much bigger than their house here.   
We're back in our usual activity every afternoon - walking; although I'd rather rest at home after that busy day at work.  And of course, I do not want to disappoint Kim.  I know she is feeling down because she is away from her hubby again.  She needs my company and mind you, she is very wise.  She knows how to lure me.  We'd always go to the mall window shopping before our walks.