Just got back after spending a few days with Lucy and Fred.  I feel very guilty tho because when I called Lucy the other night she wasn't feeling well.  We've been shopping and driving around and I did notrealize she is not that strong anymore.  She has problems with her knees.  But she was very happy and I am too.  When I called her today, she is in her therapy.  Will call again perhaps in the p.m., she should be home by then.  No changes at home.  My kids and I are very distant.  I am OK tho; I know God has plans for me and it is about time I should take care of myself.  I have loving and supportive friends and that is very comforting and assuring in the meantime.
My grandbaby's birthday is coming.  I don't plan on attending nor do I expect an invitation from them.  Knowing she's fine and loved by her parents is sufficient for me.