My head is still spinning, I hope nothing happens during the ceremony.  Hopefully I don't create a scene.  Fortunately, a colleague is giving me a ride home after the program.  I've written a draft to my kids to formalize their intentions and I'd like to share it with you:
I accept where I stand with you and for whatever reason, please recognize that I am hurting and don’t hold that against me. I am proud of what you’ve become, happy with the families you’ve started and I sincerely admire the love and respect you have for your wives and partner. Perhaps it is about time to think of myself now. I will no longer bother you from now onwards. I’ve removed your names in all my emergency notifications and should you get any calls in the future, just ignore it. I would appreciate if you do not attempt to see/visit or communicate with me at all. I withhold you of any responsibilities for and in my behalf.   I specifically stated not to involve you. This goes the same for any of my hospitalization, death or funeral notices. I am very sorry for the inconveniences my inability to drive caused you all. I was just not meant to be a driver like some people. Any asset, money, stock, jewelries or otherwise, I am giving to the _________.   
I visited my new place yesterday after the walk.  Peaceful, safe and walking distance to work and most importantly to St. James Church.