Another day

Went to work today, and my shoe department was well...horrible.  With no one to close last night the whole thing was a mess, I had work, work, work just to make the department look presentable.  And then I saw all my mismates...I don't understand this... I swear most of my customers are one legged people-no ofense to people with disabilities intended, after counting them I had 1078 shoes mismates, after mating them I found 362 shoes, I don't know how much I have left for tomorrow and frankly I don't want to know!  Whoever invents a device that keeps both shoes together until the customer pay for them will be a very rich person.  In this generation of so much technology how come we don't have that?  A gps system for retail shoes!
The good thing is that work has kept me busy,  I wish I could earn more money, but as it stands at least I have a job and I am thankful for that.  It also provide for medical and that is always good.
I am due for a physical and will make an appt tomorrow.  I am trying to find ways to stay busy and to keep my mind focus in anything but.
I joined a meetup group and we are going to the movies next saturday, am wondering what am going to wear.  Skirt or jeans?