Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here is an interesting update for you.  I talked to my supervisor about what happened yesterday at the training, and he called it a "minor concern," which is a good way of looking at it.  He and I both agreed that the lady who came up with that exercise in regards to my actions could have been completely avoided.  I did learn that the next time for me is to not "test my limits," at work,  and he's right.  We both also felt that the lady made what I did a lot bigger than what it was.  I love my supervisor he is awesome, and I love my job a lot.  I have so much fun. This weekend I am going to a Christian concert, which will help me de-stress.  I asked him what to do when it comes to stress, and he in turn asked me what I do.  He and I were both pleased with the responses we gave, and in turn I felt like I had accomplished something as well as got advice from someone who is more experienced than me to help me out.  I learned a lot. I feel fine about things, but came to realize yesterday that a fellow co-worker has been actually helping me with my personal space issue.  He will test me every now and then so that I can overcome it, which I greatly appreciate it.  I also like how he points out to me my progress in it as well.  I am very thankful.  I know that I will overcome my fears, but it will all be in God's timing. I remember from the Woman's World Conference what a workshop leader said that was very insightful.  She said, "Do not let fear and anger control you, it will destroy you."  She is right, and that what I am working on more than ever, so I that I can fully function without it coming out at work or any other location. Have a great weekend ahead.