This has been a busy and productive week, and I definitely look forward to going out of town for the weekend.  I need it. The Mutual Order for the PFS expired at Midnight of the 18th.  I feel relieved and confused as to how to react with it.  I am longing for the creep to come to Christ, but that is between him and God.  I hate how I feel, and long for justice, but know that it is coming very soon. Speaking of end times.  Did you know that the Verichip organization that invented the microchip changed its name to XMark.  The X in the logo can be broken down to 666.  I truly believe it is the Mark of the Beast, and if that comes to pass please do not take it, but stand firm in God's Word.  I know you may think I am strange, but I care for you and do not want any of you to go to Hell.  Know His Word because Jesus is coming in our lifetime.  A good website to stay up to date is and   Blessings.