Hi everyone! i hope you are all well. none of us is well all the time i suppose, but there are good days and better days. :)  
I am happy to be 3 years sober, thanks to you all. quit smoking over a year ago too, whew! glad that's over! but i put on 15 pounds in a very short time. which just tells me my smoking was an emotional habit. now I have to start exercising and dieting. lol i have waited long enough. 
went for a long walk with my son tonight, it was great! 
off work tomorrow, might check out a lake or two to see if its swimming time. I hear there are a lot of bugs this year. ewwww.
i dont think i even have a swim suit that fits
i dont care, i am going to go swimming, fat and all, that will burn it off faster! 
well, its a hot muggy evening, going out for some air. have a great evening everyone. xo