Good morning,the sun is going to shine today, yay, its been so cloudy here you can see the changes in people, they arent very happy when it just keeps raining.I am so happy today, we have had lots of trouble with drug dealers living next door for the last few months, and today there was a big fight outside, and we saw him with bags packed, heading for a taxi, she was at the door screaming and swearing at him, so I guess its over. yay.! I am going to do the happy dance. lol My buddy gave me an old electric lawn mower, so my lawn is finally done. The flowers are still waiting for sunshine, but the tulips are still blooming.Life is good.Its so nice to wake up without a hang over, I just cant get over the feeling. Every day its a new rush all over again. A person can accomplish just about anything taking it one day at a time. Now to quit smoking. arrrrggghhhh. lol I hope everyone has a wonderful day.