It was such a beautiful day yesterday, I got a sun tan in the back yard. it's going to be even hotter today. yay. Its been so nice having my car running, we got all the pop bottles out of the basement, and I picked up some seeds to plant to keep me busy while the insurance is off my car. lol. yep, back to walking until I can afford the insurance. lol. I was getting ready for my meeting last evening, when my father-in-law called, he said my husband was on his way from his place, and would be stopping in here some time this evening, so we waited, and waited, and of course, he did not show up. I was dissappointed as being the last evening the car was insured, I wanted to pick up some things after my meeting. oh well, these things usually happen for a reason.I asked my son if he was dissappointed, but he said he didnt even feel like seeing his dad. I guess he has been let down too many times. We took the male cat to the spca , the one we were supposed to take before the car broke down. The girl there just loved him, she said he is so pretty and friendly that he will probably be the first to be adopted. lol. Its expensive to buy a cat there, so I am sure he will have a good home.The rest of the cats at home look at me like I did something really bad though. So I told them yesterday, that any one of them could be next. lol lol.I hope everyone has a beautiful day.