It's a chilly Tuesday here. brrrrrrr....feels like snow coming.

It's been quiet, the weekend was great, sold my old chevy chevette, and went and picked up a 27 inch t.v., so of course we had to rent a bunch of its awesome!

My back is out, I really have to get to the chiropractor, I am so bad at putting things off. well, I hurt too bad to go.smiley-cry.gif (lol)

only staying in school until 2:00 today, so I will stop by his office on my way home.

well, my youngest has almost gotten rid of his cold, and now my 16 year old has it. ha ha. lots of garlic pills.

The school is cold, they think we concentrate more clearly that way, omg, I can hardly type my hands are so cold. and all I can think about is how damned cold it is in here.

 Tommorrow I shall bring a big coat to put over my legs. think they will catch on? lol well, I had better get back to studying.I hope everyone has a great day. hugs xo