It was a good day today. Watched Grant play with his remote control car and answered most of his questions. Esther came over and brought her son Adam. Took me shopping with her to get some food for Adam. Then she watched T.V. I had to go out in the balcony to get away from the noise of the T.V. I am very easily irritated by the noise television and by what the commercials try to convince me of. I also find the news agitating and aggravating by the way they try to sensationalize it. If I was to do the news I would bore or make every one angry. Lol.    Kind of like this. ( A Canadian soldier died in a war torn foreign country…. I would tell it like this….. A Canadian soldier died in a war torn foreign country yesterday. The usual stuff was said about him…i.e.: he was a good man..blaa blaa blaa. Now what do you people except? He was in a war people die in wars….. Get over it or get out of it. And for god sakes stop acting so shocked.)   On T.V.I have never heard some one say anything bad about anyone who they reported dead.   Anyways T.T.F.N. Taa taa for now.