Well on Saturday I dropped a 1 inch chunk of flesh from my vagina. It was semi hard. I froze it in some water. I want to take it to the doctors when I go. I am quite upset and scared about it. smiley-embarassed.gif I think it might be a fibroid, but I have never heard of them falling out of a person. I won't know what it is till I see the doctor on the 25th.

  I think the iron pills I bought for my self are helping. I feel a little stronger. smiley-smile.gif

  pg_343015286.jpg I forgot to write that my son has a job now. He's been training for a week. He thinks he will have more money then he needs and is planning to pay me up to $500 a month for rent. He pays me $300. a month right now, and is sleeping on my kitchen floor. I try to tell him to save the extra money for a rainy day, but I don't think he has the strength to save it. He drinks maybe once every 3 or 4 months, he doesn’t smoke or do drugs. Even though he will be 22 in August he still wants my guidance. I do the best I can for him. He knows he can count on me to support him in any way he needs it. The key words are "NEEDS IT". Some times what he needs from me is to step back and let him figure stuff out for him self. I think he is a good person, but he has a lot of bad judgment, witch gets him in to trouble. He is working hard at trying to think out the "rights" and "wrongs" and the "whys". pg_1967469694.jpg

  I have always been honest and mostly fair with my kids. I think they know that and I don't criticizes them, that is why they still come to me with their problems, thoughts and ideas. I tell them what I think or that I don't have enough information to form an opinion. It could be that I appreciate them and love their ideas. They do come up with some great ideas. My son has great problem solving skills. pg_1670916342.jpg I look forward to seeing how he turns out.

  I will write about my daughter another time.

  As for me today, I am doing better. Still tired but not as dragged down. I think I even have an ounce of energy….lol.