Thanks to my friend Tracy for reminding me I'm long overdue for a journal entry!
It's been a long week with retrieval on the holiday and then transfer on Saturday.  Transfer went pretty smoothly minus the RE running an hour and 15 minutes behind, which meant sitting with my full bladder for about 15 minutes (plus the car ride down) only to find out I was going to empty it and start all over again.  On the way down I asked DH if he thought all 13 made it--he thought no, we probably lost a few, but maybe we'd have 11 left which is his lucky number and was always his jersey number in soccer and the other sports he played.  I agreed that we probably lost a few little guys during the five days. 
It was pretty exciting to watch DH scrub up after I was ready.  He could not figure out the face mask and I had to laugh since he's the smartest person I know and he's a quality engineer--I guess if something isn't broke he can't figure out how to fix it!  The actual procedure happened in less than 15 minutes, but first the embryologist showed us our 'report card' on all 13 embryos.  We were shown a few that we lost, and the rest were graded as A's and B's so that was exciting.  Then they brought out a strip of three photos--the three best embryos.  They were numbered #2, #6, and #11.  They then warned us of the risks of transferring two and asked if we still wanted to go forward with two.  We said yes, and they said that the two very best ones were #6 and #11.  I could see DH smiling beneath his now-fixed mask.  We sure hope it's a sign of things to come! Watching it on the monitor is really cool too, and even though you can't see the actual embryos, you can see the bright white spot of fluid they are in.  It was very exciting and surreal at the same time. 
I expected pain like the HSGs, only because of the cervix part, but I didn't feel anything but uncomfortable from the pressure of the ultrasound wand on my full bladder AND my receding fluid filled abdomen.  THankfully, it is getting much better but I don't think I'll get back down to my pre-cycle weight.  My ovaries are still pretty large as seen during transfer, but I don't have the extreme pain anymore, thank the good Lord!!  I can handle lower belly bloat.  And I am fine with gaining weight if it means I'm going to be pregnant!!
Finally, my hormones are still a bit wacky so I had a blood draw today, again Friday, and Tuesday, and my beta is next Friday.  I am doing surprisingly well not going crazy during this 2ww and I refuse to test at home first.  I am praying a lot and thanking God for this chance to be a mom for the next two weeks.  I also talk to my embryos every morning and night and treat them as if they have already implanted.  It seems to help my mindset!
OH!  And the craziest of all the crazy IVF things--I am doing PIO shots every night, which besides being tetanus-shot sore, are actually ok--but I also do Crinone gel daily and I'm supposed to do Estrace two times a day.  Turns out you can do those orally or vaginally!!  What?  I can swallow something that also goes into my vagina?  Well ok then!  I started out orally, but my RE said they work better if you pop them elsewhere.  Well, I googled it, and other women seem to have better luck that way too.  I already have to use a pantyliner for the Crinone, so what's one more thing coming out of me?  Turns out that discharge is baby blue...  CRAZY!!! 
I remain optimistic!  God is great!  I have met so many wonderful women on this same journey and for that I am so very grateful...  It's helped me to not feel totally alienated from the rest of my life and friends during this process.
Here's to my #6 and #11!!



So glad to read your update! I will be thinking about you through your 2ww -- it sounds like you have a great attitude and are being positive. Good luck!!! Go lucky # 11!!!

GRAPES! I love the way you present your experiences.
I am anxious for you. Stay busy and keep talking to your embryos.