Feeling better

I'm feeling better today.  I've decided to move in with my father, but to do away with anything legal that would make me co-owner of the house.  That way I can move out at a moments notice.  If I end up moving out, that's it.  There's no going back.  I'll have to deal with whatever he needs from a distance.
For years I've had friends ask me what's it like being an only child?  Some ask because they're considering having only one child.  Well, I've always told them that it's fine when you're young.  But later, when your parents grow old, there's only you to help them.  I moved in back when my mother was dying.  I stayed there for ten years.  It wasn't easy, but in the end I was glad I was there.  She died of congestive heart failure and my father couldn't have handled it alone.  Plus, it gave me time to spend with her that I wouldn't have had.
Now, I'm back to moving in again.  I hate having to do it, but the alternative is so much worse. 
Thanks everyone for talking me through this.  I might be moving in, but I now have an escape hatch in case things don't go well.  It gives me comfort.



I am not an only child but for the most part I might as well be. I am the only one able to care for my mom as my younger brother lives miles away and my older brother lives miles away and has not had anything to do with the rest of us for years. The last four months have been very hard caring for mom. She has been in hospital for the last two months. On Friday she finally gets to go back to her private care home. I am not sure how long it will last or when the next crisis will come. It is all very stressful when it all rests on your shoulders. It was much easier when John was with me. Just having him around to bounce ideas off and to have his encouragement made all the difference in the world. I am glad that you have an escape hatch. You definitely need that. It is a hard place to be. Hugs.
Community LeaderShrn

I wish you the best in your decision. It sounds like you have thought it through and have a back up plan. I was an only child for 12 years until my brother came into our life. It\'s like having the best of two worlds. Spoiled only child and then a baby brother. Sharon