So, i am at this boarding school for high school.
Before I continue, I want to be here. I was not forced. I did not do anything bad. This was MY choice.
I love it here, but it has gotten me sooo stressedd outt. This is my schedule:
6:25- wake up, shower, get dressed, go to breakfast.
8:00-3:30- schooool.
3:30- 6:30- play practice
6:30-7:00- dinner
7:00-7:30- house meeting
7:30-9:30- required study time
9:30-10:30- more homework, if i didnt finish it during the study time. if i did, then hang out with friends, shower, if i didnt in the morning, etc.
10:30-12:00- more homework, if i still didnt finish (which usually happens)
12:00-12:15- wash up and get ready for bed
12:15-6:25- SLEEEPP
yeah, i know, i am sooo lazy, i dont do anything att allll.
haha, jk, but i feel lazy a lot of the time of 2 reasons:
when i am doing homework, i am sitting there for hours and during school, we just sit there. i need to get up and walk arounddddd.
and also, with this schedule, there is no space to work out. and that is not good.
at the begining, i worked out 3 times a week- ishhh. but now, 2 times a week, maybe. and it is on saturday and sunday. worst schedule ever..
and on top of that, the food here is shiiiiiiittt. and then i just end up going to my friends rooms and getting junk foood like chips and stufff.
and, im up to 3 red bulls a day. notttt cooool. sooo unhealthy.
yesterday, i didnt eat anything till like 5. i am not starving myself, but i was just soo busy, i didnt get back on campus till then, and i rushed to the dining hall and got a veggie burger and a salad. its all good from then. and then i just had to decide i was still hungry and got a bag of chips. and on top of that, we watched a movie, and i had like a tooonnnnnnn of doritos and cheez its . nottt coooool.
i feel like i am gaining sooo much weight, but there is no scale here, which might be to my benefit. because i wont be weighing myself 24/7. and ill just try to loose weight. not focusing on how much im actually gaining/loosing.
i am going home in a few days. im happyyyy. but i am scared for what my mom will say about my weight. if she thinks im gaining, im screwed. but if not, she will ask a few awkward questions throughout the weekend, and ill be good.
i dont knowwwww.... i have to go do MORE homework.