I've been meaning to update for a few weeks now and havent been able to find the time. My new dr finally got my records from my RE and reviewed them. Right now the plan of action is to track my cycle and when I'm finally on track and ovulating he wants to see me to do an ultrasound and make sure my follicles are looking good and my lining is ok. After that I'll start progestrone on the day I ovulate till the day my period starts or till I'm 13 weeks pregnant :) Than after I find out I'm pregnant I'll start the baby asprin...Im not sure how long I took that last time. He said my RE did all the hard work now all we have to do is follow the same plan. So I'm praying all is good and that I can get on track quickly. After the IUD removal I bleed for 14 days straight than was fine for about 3 days then bleed again for 4 more days than was fine for a few days than bleed again for a few more days. So not sure if that was normal or not. I didnt really have a period for 2 years so Im assuming it probably was. I havent bleed for about 2 1/2 weeks or so. We decided to just go with the flow and see what happenes so we've tried a few times. Not sure if I even ovulated or when I did but I tested yesterday and it was a BFN! So either I'm not pregnant this cycle or its too early to test. Just hoping my cycle gets back to where its able to be tracked. Well thats all for now.