Catching Up

Well its Monday again. I always hate the dreaded Monday's. I had an ok weekend. I want camping with my husband and our friends joined up on Saturday night. Besides the fact that I got sick it was fun. I dont know if it was my nerves or what but I was in the bathroom all night Saturday and all day Sunday and today I'm still not do to well. Not puking but the other unpleasant thing. I also had a pretty bad panic attack Sat. night. I think its just all my nerves building up for my surgery Friday. Im just a nervous wreak not really about having surgery but about what they might or might not find. I just want it done and over with.  Im in the process of reading everyones journals start to finish. Some arent to long others take me 2 days to read them all. LoL. Oh well its a good way to get familiar with all my friends that I dont get to keep in contact with that much.  Well I better go. I'll talk to everyone later. Hopefully before my surgery if not I'll let you guys know how it goes when I'm able to. Love and hugs. Monica