Well, still going to church and reading my bible.  The pastor again took a potshot at scientists.  I finally get that its due to lack of understanding.  He was saying -that must have been when we were apes.  We are not apes but there seems to be evidence that there was an ancestor that had both ape and human characteristics.  It is really helping mom and I have a calmer realtionship but not sure if I can keep listening to these potshots.  I had previously talked with him about how it felt and it came across as no respect. I recieved an e-mail about a job opportunity teaching overseas.  I am torn about it though.  Mom is disabled and needs me, I have this guy I like (a totally new experience) so I feel like I should stay.  On the other there's a desperation to go to work no matter where.  Still enjoying meeting with the ladies.  I found out one likes to bake like me so we might get together.  The guy and I are still talking, I need to start telling him more about me.  I just like listening to him and have learned a bit about him.  Well time is the only teller.