Well, I took my aunt's advice and texted the guy how I felt.  I told him that I really liked him and wanted to get to know him better, with the knowledge that no matter we would always be friends.  I told him that we missed him at the 4th of July festivities and how great his band sounded at church that week.  The group was invited out to the house twice to go swimming in my pool.  They didn't show.  I am still attending church on Thursdays and reading the bible.  I tried to see if he would call and talk to me about the bible when I first started, maybe I'll text him some questions as I read along.  Mom still doesn't know, it would get her hopes up, neither is influencing my beliefs thus far.  She would like me to go Sundays too but I need my time away and exercise!  The job search is not going well still.  My medical is still undecided and the bills we thought were covered were just denied.  I feel like an utter failure and a huge burden.