The Cardiac MRI went well.  Everything they found was typical for a person with a coarchtation of the aorta.  My qualifications were accepted by my latest job app.  I will be driving my mom to a leadership conference in March.  My aunt and I will probably go on April to visit her kids.  Things are going well.  I am almost done painting the kitchen.  After that its on to the living room and hallway.  I need to finish this before I leave, dad will never do it and it depresses mom that the house needs it.  I want them to be happy and living well when I finally get a job.  Mom said today that 'God' gave me a job but not one I was looking for and that its a big one.  I love being there for my mom but I hate being a financial burden.  I love children and love the idea of being a mother.  I am thinking lately that I am too independent for kids.  I sure would love a mate to share my life and feel whole.  Although I am learning to fill in most of the empty spaces by myself.