ok been 8 months. i love her very very very much. why did she say she needs space and refuses to talk to me for past 6 days. she lives hr away atleast. i usually go up there every other sat and sunday and then opposite weekend sunday mondays. she rarely comes here. we both love each other. she always looked so sad when i left said it was very hard for her wanted more time with me. i struggled weekend after weekend with emotions because i loved being there. she knew this. she sucks at talking. all she would ever say is i love you and love you being here. would be very needy pushed her away always because of distance just liked text good morning and when she got home at night. didnt speak on phone daily. she very very independent. she felt too much pressure. i ended up asking for transfer and told kids wanted move there. called her told her she laughs we go away for weekend fight alot cause she dont finish any conversation now she says she wants space and wont talk to me. i wrote letter texted her many many many times and yes sometimes angrily. she needs let me know what the hell is going on before i loose it and show up at her house. not good at the space thing.