feeling better

maybe its the zoloft not really sure but im alot calmer. definately not crying like an ass everyday which is nice. have only seen her once last night in the past 3 weeks. dont really get why im staying. and hoping she will come back. she says she thinks about me alot. that she misses me but im pretty sure shes happier without me. her parents have been gone for the month so the house has been all hers. she spends time just cleaning and going gym and thats about it. shes kinda a miserable little thing. kinda numb no desire to find someone else. works has been hell. got reported to boss that store was a mess and i havent been doing things as well as before so i got extra help. i was so pissed and called boss up she said they were just worried cause im having health issues and they r worried about me. i said its bullshit and they just trying get me in trouble. so yeah been stressed but trying not to be. my kids keep me sane they tell me at work im not easy to talk to at work and they think im bipolar. going to therapist for first time tomorrow. got help her.