So, I guess it's update time. I'm at an internet cafe, which is cool because well, I'm not sure why it is, but it is. Nice environment, I guess. My "new" car is at the mechanic getting a general service. It's been 4 hours now, and I'm in pain so it feels like it's been forever.
I've decided that for the moment I won't be moving out. Not until I'm financially stable and have a job that's not about to run out in 2 months time. Those are good goals, I think. And I really would like to take Salem along, so I'd like to start getting ready to build a very large enclosure that I can put together at the place I choose to rent and pull it apart when and if I have to move location.
Like I said, I've been sick for the last couple of days. Yesterday was so bad I had to break a rule and take a couple of ibuprofen. I'm not supposed to take them because of my stomach ulcer but the pain was so severe and paracetamol just wasn't cutting it.
I haven't been taking my medication in a while. At least a week. I took one yesterday, but yeah, I lapsed in taking them so they probably won't work for a couple of weeks again.
Home life... it's been okay. I don't know. It's kind of ran by like a blur with everything that's been going on since I decided I'd stick around at home for the while. I got into trouble yesterday, because I reminded Matt he wasn't supposed to be sleeping on the lounge and mum got mad at me cause if I was going to put some input in, it should be in some form of work. But I mean, I was really ill yesterday. I'm going to have to go back to the doctor and have some tests run. Then they'll put me on some of that medication they prescribed last time. I have to stay on it for around a year.... Joyness. But it's worth it if it keeps the pain away for a few years. I mean, the pain is so bad it often makes me pass out, usually after a lot of crying and pleading with God to just kill me already. Yeah, I don't want to go through that again. And once it's set in, it won't leave until I take the medication.
But I've had a pretty productive week before that. I got Windows 7 and loaded it on my laptop cause it was having a few issues. Downloaded the drivers - except the NVIDIA one because I couldn't remember which series I had, but it didn't matter anyway because one of the updates for Windows 7 automatically installs the drivers. Then I bought an external DVD burner, because my internal burner is completely dead. And I also got a 1.5TB hard drive which I've been able to put everything onto. It's been a great week in regards to technology.
Well that's all I can really think of. The pain is kind of taking over and make it hard to concentrate :( I could fall asleep right here, but it wouldn't be very comfy. I'll go and get some lunch in half an hour and some painkillers. Not sure what I'm gonna do then. Window shop until my car's ready I guess. Well, talk to yas later.