I'm trying to get in to see a new neurologist.  I found out that there is an MS Center located at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.  It is run by a dcotor that specializes in MS.  Many drug trials are run through there.  I checked out this doctor on-line and found that doctors and researchers around the country consult him when they questions or concerns, so I feel good about the possibilities!  My lab results came back good, no problems there.  My MRI, though, showed 2 more active lesions plus the ones on the optic nerve and on the left frontal lobe.  Will have to consider changing MS meds, possibly Tysabri. I feel so lost now, all the time confusion.  Could not remember how to make coffee this morning!  I don't recognize my neighbors.  These are people I have lived next to for eight years.  I have to ask Mo who the people are that spoke to me when we are out in the yard.  I am having real difficulty cooking now, and you know how much I love to cook.  Simply can't do the do in the kitchen.  Nerve pain in my arms and legs, Lyrica has helped with that.  I started having sharp, stabbing pain in my face, around my mouh and nose.  It comes on suddenly, like I am hit with an ice pick.  Some bladder problems, can't control the old sphincter.  Vision is better but not good, I can see to get around, but not to drive.  Wouldn't want to run a router table or a big shaper anymore, I'd get the nickname Lefty real quick, Steve will understand that one.  Hands camp up into balls whenever I do any work. Anyway, enough griping and whining, didn't want to start a pity party, just wanted to update you on what's been going on with me.  I miss being in regular contact with you all, the messages and hugs from everyone has meant so much to me.  I have the best friends on the planet, all of you are the fabulous!  Big HUGS to you! Peace.........................David