IT IS HOT TODAY !!! 90 degrees in the shade. I'm not going back out the rest of the day. This heat has really got my MS symptoms in high gear. I think I will get a cold one and watch "Night at the Museum".

Marcus has been home sick the last 2 days. Bad upper respiratory infection. Poor little guy. One of his friends is in the hospital with pneumonia. A lot of stuff going around here with the kids at school. Sick days galore.

Have been on Namenda the last week. I feel more able to control myself than without. Mo says I seem better. I still get confused and lost if I'm pressured. This has put a great amount of pressure on our relationship. I hate when I lash out at those around me, but I have not been able to control myself. Pray for me.

Summer is almost here, hallelujah!!! The water park will open Memorial Day week. Then it's laying by the pool soaking up the sun everyday for the next 3 months! I love summer!!!




Amen on the sitting bye the pool side...i love summers too. the kids and i enjoy the hanging out part. Im on a new med seems to be helping with my shortness. i was so against it, but finally i realized i was taking too much out on my kids and i don\'t want them to remember me like that. keep up the positive attitude