the nursing home is adamant that he didn't vomit there. 
the hospital didn't know:
- that he was on thickened liquids
- that he was lactose intolerant
- that due to an old surgery they should not draw blood from his left arm
- that he wasn't living at home
the attending physician
- discharged him from the hospital with a high fever
- put in his notes that he aspirated vomit at the nursing home (which they assert is an outright falsehood)
- put him on antibiotics for respiratory problem, not the ongoing urinary problem (but then, I'm no doctor so I don't know what this means)
thursday we hope to be speaking with the attending physician



Ugh! Ugh!!!!! You\'ve got to be kidding me! Oh I\'m so sorry....geez, I\'m upset just reading this. I have no idea what to say that could make this any lighter for you. I stand behind you no matter what. I suppose the bright spot is simply that he\'s back holding his own. Hugs for all this [blegh] you\'ve had to take.

UGH UGH UGH ... that is totally unacceptable ... Shaking my head and feeling speechless ... hugging you tightly