Dad was a little more disoriented today.  Apparently that can be one of the side-effects of a urinary tract infection in an elderly person, according to my aunt who is a retired nurse. 
iPad is helpful, you can type big-print on the screen to him -  he's so deaf and not wearing his hearing aids.  Quite confused about where he was and why. 
He had trouble managing spoon and cup, so we fed him his dinner tonight.  He ate nearly all of it, which was good since his sister said he only had about half his lunch.
Resigned myself to the fact that I am going to have to miss this entire week of school, thought I would try to get back mid-week.  His condition could change rapidly; at least that's the impression Mom and his sister have.  Haven't heard directly from any of his doctors yet, so perhaps Monday or Tuesday I'll get the straight scoop from someone.



Hmm yeah wait until you hear what the doctors think. If his condition stabilizes there shouldn\'t be any reason why you couldn\'t get back to your routine. Naturally though you\'re worried. Hugs Friend, try to just take each day for what it is.