Thanks for the support!  It's been a rather emotional week. So, to head back out to the other extreme -   - today I had a session scheduled with my trainer so left school a little earlier than usual.  I stopped off at the nearest Starbucks, got back in the car and noticed the cell phone ringing.   This never happens.  It's almost always on silent and buried deep in a pocket or my back pack.  But I see the front panel flashing the caller ID and it's the art teacher from my school.  "Is there any way you can come back - I need to give you something?" She met me on the front walk outside the office holding a flat black paper sealed with a giant gold star.  In it was a message and a small collection of checks.  She and several of my colleagues pitched in to pay for a massage chair. They want me to repay with massages. I'm so overwhelmed - the generosity, the kindness...  I mean - it's not just the monetary gift (which is significant), it's that I also need to do the work and they are willing to help me with that too.  A double gift.  They signed it from "your charter massage clients." I am one grateful man.