They've given us a calendar for the massage program that has all the class dates through March 2010, when we finish and graduate.  At which point I should be certifiable (!). 127 class days in all (Wednesdays 6:30 - 9:30 and Saturdays 9 - 4).  It looks like for the goal slider I can advance it another 10% for every 13 class days I complete.  Since it's already at 10%, that means at class day 26 I can put it to 20%.  That one is December 13. woo hoo!  Today however, just 124 class days to go; first test is tomorrow.  Anatomy and Physiology, basic basic basic stuff. I suppose I ought to be somewhat cautious how I go about memorizing anatomical terms.  Do you think anyone will mind if my kindergarten goes home singing: Cephalic, Acromial, Patellar, Digits, Patellar, Digits; Cephalic, Acromial, Patellar, Digits, Patellar, Digits;  Ocular, Aural, Oral, Nasal,Cephalic, Acromial, Patellar, Digits, Patellar, Digits!