Tuesday the 1st I'll be driving the 600-mile trek to look in on my parents.  Dad fell three times last week (he's 88), no injuries but he was so weak that two of those times he couldn't get up... Ma had to call 911. Of course I worry, but there's only so much they'll allow me(or anyone else for that matter) to do to help them.  I'm spending a week there, doing dishes, laundry, changing light bulbs, driving... They are 80 and 88.  Both of them are walking medical encyclopedias of things that can go wrong with a body and still not kill you.  If they have enough working parts between the two of them for half a person...  I love seeing them, but it's not really a fun time - their need is just so overwhelming and there's only so much I can do.  So I'm going to do what I can, vent a bit here, and come back home on the 8th.  Meanwhle, thawing chicken to cook to pre-package a bunch of meals to take with me (and stay more or less on track with the diet).