and in my case the "g" can stand for just about anything: God, Goddess, Goodness, Grinch, George, Grand Unified Theory of Everything, Grace, Gidget, Givenchy, Gonads, Gaspar Cassado... Two and a half more weeks.  Thirteen school days.  Not that I'm counting. Have I mentioned in my previous entries that this weekend is the first gig I've taken in what feels like centuries?  The concert is Sunday, really happy about that.  I can take only so much Itsy Bitsy Spider (hey, and I can even sing it in Spanish: "La araña pequeñita subió, subió, subió...") and sullen 11-year-old music-not-making.  I need some grown-up music with people who care about the sound! But it does mean I'm going to have to figure out when I'm going to get all those progress reports written, kinda think they're going to look for them by the end of next week. No, I haven't started yet.  Blush!