So... the fibular head is feeling a bit better, still limping.  My primary care doc had time to see me today and I'm on antibiotics, again, for a sinus infection.  Can't walk, can't talk, low back spasming from the limp, can't sleep, can't breathe. Other than that, how did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln? Oh, all right, it's not as bad as all that, and yes I'm whining again. It's been one stupid little thing after another for the last month.  The fifth grade is being especially pre-adolescent difficult too.  Q. What is the definition of time?A. It's what keeps one damn thing after another from being every damn thing at once. Wish I could remember where I read that!  Yesterday I was lining up the kindergarten at the end of class.  "Can you be as quiet as..." I'd left a little pause there, fully expecting some little voice to fill in " a mouse."  What the little voice filled in was this: " two pieces of pie." I have to admit, that's probably pretty quiet, but it made me wonder, why two?  I'm still chuckling over that one.