ugh.  now I'm starting to ache from lying around sleeping all day.  The Dr.'s receptionist, who is also his wife, called me this evening.  "are you doing better today?  Are you taking in enough fluids?  Chicken soup?" I chuckled, but usually can't get a word in edgewise. "I'm not kidding," she went on, "I've read research that says people who take chicken soup recover faster from colds and flu.  It's not just a Jewish mother thing!" Another chuckle, I remember that she has two grown children. "So I'll be your Jewish mother and tell you to eat your soup!  Call me tomorrow and tell me how you're feeling!" Fortunately I've got about a gallon and a half of broth still in the fridge from the last batch I made...  okay - back to work.  Yes, substitute plans.  They're harder than the ones I have to write for myself, because I never know if I'll get someone with a music background or not and their comfort level with technology.  Lately a lot of what I use I access with iTunes.  Want to finish them before it gets too late so I can e-mail them to the school secretary and go to bed.