I forgot to post yesterday. :(  I exercised for 15 minutes and overate a little on calories.
Today I did well, though.
I've talked to my new friend A. from Plimoth Plantation every night.  He ended up having to work Thursday (today) so we're getting together on Saturday.  We've talked about a variety of things.  He likes to talk about history, of course, and he says he is impressed with my knowledge of history.  It's neat having someone call you every night.
I had a dream last night that I had sent an e-mail to my siblings about A. and that my Mom had then found out about it and confronted me.  I said "How did you find out?" and she said "how do you think I found out?" and I said "Did D. tell you?" (one of my brothers).  and she said "yes"  In the dream she was upset with me.
Then I ended up talking to her today about something and I'm horrible about keeping secrets, so I said, "Can I tell you something and you won't freak out?" and she said yes, and I told her about A.  She gave me a long lecture about safety, and set me up for fear again (something I'm battling).  Then I talked to a friend S. about what Mom said and S. said my mom was being controlling or overprotective and that I should not let her spoil the fun of this.  Of course I'm going to be safe about it, but I can't feel guilty about showing interest in a guy outside of a 'courtship' relationship.