What to Do?!

So here I sit at 5:49 am. I've not yet slept for the night(?) and I have a weeks worth of trash to schlep to the curb. What to do...what to do. My driveway is a veritable Antarctic tundra after this weekend's snow. The thought of donning my winter pants and snow boots to brave the elements at this ungodly hour seems less appealing than a bikini wax at a sadism convention. What to do…what to do.
Should I just head for bed and leave the trash until next week hoping the snow will melt down to a more traversable level? Should I simply stop typing this moot diatribe, shroud myself in my awaiting winter regalia, hoist those overstuffed pails of refuse overhead and commence to defy the unspeakable horrors which await me in the freezing darkness? What to do…what to do.
Any suggestions, I’m willing to wait.