Raining here today...  not going to deter my walk though..  as much as i love walking dogs on a sunny day i like to walk in the rain... must requires wardrobe adjustment I feel like i'm learning so much about adjustment lately and  i'm feeling empowered and  safe in the fact that i can do that.  got my plan for the day i have t put a second coat on 2 walls then do some trim on windowsills and possibly start prepping my daughter's room to be the next project .  I love to paint it's cathartic for me.  And I would like to do as much as i can before it's planting time outside (my fav ime of year) I always put a few extra things on my list and if i get through itall it's a plus but then again it's a plus to put them on the beginning of my next list to get a plan going...   I know this new neurologist is not a God but i am so happy that there seemed to be a connection and that the answers I got made sense...   Yesterday I was a little loopy and not sure if it was from starting the azilect or taking the clonazapam.  The latter I just take as needed, it did help those breaths i've been afraid of...  i'm feeling better mentally i think because i am building up confidence in this doctor.  He gave me a ton of things he's written and he has a seminar coming up in may i believe.. he said he is always looking for volunteers for his research foundation so i'm going to get involved in that.  I am going to only take half of that clonazpam stuff if i need one today and practice the breathing that someone on this site told me abou and see how that combo goes...  i feel like i'm learning to be a Master adjuster!!!