Hi friends,
Hi Friends,
It has been so long since I have been on this site. A great deal has happened. The main thing is that Steve is losing his kidney function. We have an appointment on Tuesday with the local dialysis clinic. Just an informational meeting and to go over the various kinds of dialysis available. Our center is about 12 miles from our house so that's not bad.  One option is to do it at home. I am so scared of that.  We have a little pug and he is a shedding machine. That concerns me greatly. That is the best option if you are still fairly active. Our daughter says to not jump the gun and to and wait and hear the counselor out.
I pray that his kidney function will be ok for a while longer. I can so remember begging God for more time when they took him away from me those years ago, to remove his kidney.  August 4 will be 15 years. It's hard to believe that he has survived so long. He is still on the drug Sutent. In October it will be 7 years non stop on it.  It has given him more time by slowing down the growth of the tumors and I am so grateful for the research going on now. One day who knows someone will come up with a cure. I pray for it and I know all who are here do the same. 
I pray for each of who are here, that our Lord will give you the strength and courage to face tomorrow. I could use some prayers that I will be strong enough to care for Steve. We just celebrated our 47th anniversary this month. Wow!  We were high school sweethearts and are still moving on strong together. 
Take care and God bless each of you,
Wanda in NC    



Dear Wanda, I am so sorry to hear about Steve\'s kidney function. I\'ll be praying that things improve and for God to give you the strength you need, whenever you need it! You are so strong & such an inspiration, I wish we lived closer.

Love & hugs,

Hello Sweet Wanda,
I have been missing you!!! I, too, hate to hear that Steve\'s kidney function continues to deteriorate. As much as y\'all hate the idea of dialysis, it will enable Steve to live much longer. He\'s been such an inspiration to all of us...and so have you! I will be praying that you both will be able to meet this \"blip in the road\", and have many more years together. The 50th anniversary will definitely be a special celebration. hang in there, my friend. Always know that I love you and am praying daily for you and Steve.
My Love,

Hi wanda,
As I had mentioned to you although dialysis is not a pleasant prospect, it is not a death sentence either. I am so glad he is still kicking cancer\'s butt with the help of the Sutent. I often think of the fact that we went to Sloan (the BEST they say) and he was put on that trial drug - now Votrient - which helped and was the new Sutent, but look at the final outcome. How I wish now that perhaps we had stayed in NJ and that Tom was now on his fourth year taking that instead of where he is which is not with me on earth. Of course I could second guess myself and the docs from here to kingdom come and things are what they are and nothing to do now would change it.
But thank God for your blessings and you can deal with any possible dialyis routine. Love, gloria

Hi Wanda,
I did not mean to sound snide or envious or what have you, but it has been a long day already even though it is only 10 am and I am tired, not thinking the clearest. You know I am happy for you guys and 47 years is so wonderful. Congrats to you two lovebirds!

I Wanda! I hope it all goes well with Steve & I hate to hear what is going on. (that was backwards.) Again, i hope it goes well. I know this is a different situation; however, I used to be concerned with having Bobby at home for treatment and care. I thought I wouldnt be able to handle it or do it right. Come to find out, it was good, I was good, he was better for me have doing it. You understand him better than anyone else. Just saying. xoxo
Congrats to the 47...WOW what a great thing, and accomplishment. That just doesnt happen often now a days... AWESOME!!!

Hello Wanda:
David and I will say our prayers for Steve! I have watched the information you have posted to many who are on this site and you are truly a blessing. I am going to guess as much as a fighter Steve is, this will also pass. You have truly been blessed like we have to have been given the time we have after diagnosis, I say my prayers every day and let God take care of the rest.
Take Care!
David and Julie Prochello