Hey everyone,
Just wanted to check in on all of you. When I leave home I continue to think of each of you.
We had a good time at the beach. Did not love all the heat from the sun but we were with friends and that makes up for it. The temp was over 100 each day we were there.
We went to the annual Mustang  Week at Mrytle Beach. This was our 4th year and we all stay at a beach resort that is close to the show.  Steve had a ball having his picture taken with the girls from Hooters.  Of course he posted on facebook for all the world to see, good clean fun, he is harmless!  We went down with 15 cars in our caravan and 11 of us won. Pretty good odds with about 500 cars in the show. 
I tried really hard to keep him hydrated and cool.  He has a cool rag/contraption that he keeps around his neck. Dipped in the cooler every little while it works wonders. 
The good time in the rooms at night is what I like the most.  The fellowship with good friends. The laughter, the jokes and the bragging among the men of who has the best car.
We are so blessed. We praise God every day for his blessings.  Steve will start a new round of Sutent tomorrow.  Number 40. WOW!!  He is on 3 weeks on/ and one week off  and  then starts over!  We have learned to live with this,  is it pleasant?  No! But with the grace of our Heavenly Father we continue on this journey.   Steve is my hero!
Please pray for our friends who are struggling. So many who need encouragement.  God Bless each of you.
Love to each of you,