Touched by God Himself As I was driving back from my lunch todayI saw an elderly gentleman trying to cross a busy highwayHe reached down as to pick something up from the grassI reached for my phone to call for help in case he was lostWhen I reached the median, so did he The wind was pushing him back and his struggle to stay standing was evidentI stopped and asked him if he needed help and if he was oakHe said he was trying to get to the other sideI offered him a ride and he told me he was going to get a haircut He said they took his car from him and now he walks when he can It turns out he was coming to my job for the haircut I offered to take him and bring him anytime he needs a haircut and not to hesitate to call me. This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me...He is Father Kolb and lives at the Catholic Pastoral Rectory on NW ExpresswayI feel like I have been touched by God himselfThis is the beginning of the Holiday Season and I will always remember this man. When he was done with the haircut and pedicureI drove him back to the RectoryHe became a priest in 1953, was a soldier and a pilotHe speaks very good Spanish and told me "Te Amo" I shared with him about our visit to St. Elijah's Christian ChurchHe shared with me that he has been to Israel, France, Europe, MexicoNext month I will pick him up againI know I have found a new friend Father Kolb said " I hope I can help you too one day" and "Munchisimas Gracias"He doesn't know,,,,He already has.  By: Yolanda (YSC)       11/20/07 I wrote this today after experiencing this myself. I feel like this is significant in my life I want to understand it.