I am getting really frustrated with this website!  I miss you all but it takes forever to do anything!!  I have 95 journals to read.  I was on holiday so did not go on line much.  Oh well I guess this is to teach me patience!  I am a slow learner.
My granddaughter got her driver's license yesterday.  She had her 17th birthday on Sunday. It hurts so much to know that her mom is not here to give her huge hugs and tell her how proud she is. 
Harvey (my daughter's husband) called Joe on Father's Day.  I was waiting for him to ask for something.  He never calls.  Perhaps it is because I emailed him a Happy Father's Day.  I do not and never really have trusted Harvey.  Lisa loved him but was frustrated with him a lot of the time.  But he is a good dad and Cevyn loves him. 
My dad died in 1976.  I always think of him on Father's Day and wish I had been closer to him.  I know he loved me but was a very quiet gentle man.  As many young people, I didn't consider that he would not be with us longer - I never got to ask the questions about his past.  He came from Finland when he was in his 20s and basically disowned his family.  I do know that he had an abusive father and his mother died when he was a baby.  His older sister basically raised him until he was in his teens.  His Dad remarried and I guess his step mother was not kind to him.  So he became a 'problem child'.  Dad drank but never ever laid a finger on us.  He would not put up with a child crying - he always said if a baby was crying, there was something wrong and it was a parent's duty to do something.  My brother knew Dad the best because he would occasionally go for a drink with him and heard the stories.  I am so glad my dad got to know our children - they have good memories and photos of them together.  I love one photo in particular.  Dad is in a wheelchair with Andrew on his lap.  The smiles on their faces tell all. 
So my Oregon vacation is over and I am now thinking about what I need for Boston!! Woo hoo!!
Lisa:  I can't believe that Cevyn is 17.  It just hurts that you are not here.  I miss you always and love you forever. 



The site has become very frustrating,,, so slow,,,, taking forever,,,,,
wash those clothes and repack for boston!! see you soon.. love ya!
babiboismom have a granddaughter driving....where does the time go?? My granddaughter, Barbara is 15 & will be driving in the next couple years too. A bit of sadness comes over me as well that her dad is not here to share in this experience with her.

The memories you shared with us of your dad was touching. So many of us wish we knew more about our parents. But what we do know is stored safely in our heart.

The Boston Retreat will be here before we know it. I\'m excited as this is my 1st one. Looking so forward to meeting you & all the moms. I love you all, already.

Only 6 more weeks till the retreat. It will be so good to see you again!!!
Big Tight hugs,

Glad you had the patience to hang in here and post. It\'s lonesome without your voice, you are very missed when absent. Love, Abby

I gave myself permission to miss journals long ago.....I hope you\'ll do the same. Though we\'d all love to read and comment on every one, every time, it\'s simply not possible...unless you sit in front of the computer 24/7! And with the slow motion of DS these days, even that wouldn\'t be enough time. Besides, our goal is to LIVE LIFE....not to live in front of a computer! This is a tool which helps us find our way to living and enjoying the \"real\" world!! Don\'t beat yourself up for doing it!!!!

Here\'s the thing, we all know we all love each other and truly care. If I miss a journal or two, I figure you or Joanie, or Vicki, or Nora, or any number of others don\'t miss it. And if you miss one or two, chance are I\'ll see it. It\'s not the fact that everybody comments every\'s simply knowing someone heard us, some one responded....just one some one is enough. I allow myself the freedom and the gift to not have to be the one someone every single time!!! It\'s a group effort my darlin...and you give plenty!!!!!

I\'ll be in Colorado for the week of July 4th and I won\'t be reading journals....I just won\'t. It\'s my time with my husband on vacation and he deserves all of me and I deserve all of him. And when I return I won\'t feel obligate to \"catch up\" because I know that other moms will have kept up all along!

Wow, 17....exciting time and oh so bittersweet. Tightest of hugs and so much love to Cevyn! I can only imagine how she misses her momma.

So, Harvey called...well, that\'s something isn\'t it! Hope it was a nice conversation and the relationship can always be the best it can be.

I imagine your dad faced many trials and hardships as a youngster and young adult. I can\'t imagine leaving my homeland in my early 20\'s to start life over all by myself!!! Very courageous of him! I\'m sure there is much you will never know, but I\'m glad you always knew the most important part....your dad loved you!

I am wanted SO badly to pack for Boston, but like Joanie said to someone else, better pack for trip one first!!! So, off I go....

See you soon beautiful! We may not be flying high this time, but we will surely be together!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

I do try to read more then I comment on. Every Sat morning I sit infront of this commputer and try to get through stuff. Then my page turns black and I have to go find the person and the journal. ( it is a pisser )
Good luck to you
Hugs Penny