A good day

It is green smiley Monday!  This week has flown by.  On Saturday, we went to Caitlyn's wedding.  Cailtyn is the daughter of Lisa's childhood friend.  It was bittersweet, but I was happy to see how happy Caitlyn was. 
We had a lovely day today.  We went to Edmonton yesterday to visit my son and DIL Tiina.  Tiina took Cevyn, my granddaughter and her friend Ayoung to West Edmonton Mall.  West Ed was the largest mall in North America.  Not sure if it still holds that title but it is big, complete with amusement park, water park, and ice skating rink.  We took our son out for lunch.  He was down and depressed (he has been having a hard time accepting Lisa's death.  They were very good friends as well as siblings).  We went out for lunch had had a relaxing time out on the patio having appies and beer.  This morning we had breakfast together.  Andrew was more himself and he entertained girls.  Andrew has an off the wall sense of humor so it was lovely to see him smiling.
Today we took the girls to Torrington, Alberta.  It is a tiny town that has a "Gopher Museum",  The museum celebrates one of Alberta's most troublesome rodents.  Gopher is the nickname given to the Richardson Ground Squirrel.  They are the cutest little animals which sit on their hind legs to check things out.  If they are startled they disappear down a gopher hole.  The holes are large enough to trip someone on a sport field.  The museun has stuffed gophers dressed up.  Quite hilarious! 
Our next stop was The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.  Several dinosaurs have been discovered in Alberta, especially around Drumheller.  It is a a wonderful museum to learn about the rise and fall of dinosaurs.  The area is badlands so the rock formations are phenomenal.
I am happy to have Cevyn and Ayoung with us.  We take them back to Ottawa on Thursday.  On the 2nd we are off to Greece.
So, the week has been pretty good.
I wish everyone a happy week!