It is Monday and it is supposed to be positive.  Hmmm.  It is soon time to leave Ottawa and head for home - with a stop in Thunder Bay to visit a friend whose husband is very ill.  I am looking forward to being home again with my husband, my cat and my bed!  I will miss my granddaughter though.  I do feel happy that she is doing so well.  So far, so good!
I am not so optimistic about her dad.  He is trying but is scattered.  And he has the 'other woman', the one Lisa could not stand demanding his time.  The last time I was here, I tore a strip off him for hanging around with her.  I think he is realizing the errors of his ways.  She was on the phone all weekend.  She'd call his cell and if he didn't answer, she'd call the house.  He ended up going to repair her shed and missed our breakfast out yesterday.  Our friend Beth told him it was time for a 'friendectomy'.  He knows it but feels sorry for her (I think she has psych problems and kids with ADHD).  I kept my cool and just reminded him that her problems are not his responsibility - his daughter is.  He agreed.
So there is some cheer between the tears.
I hope everyone has a good week!