I feel like i failed my daughter. She hasn't been eating for 2 weeks, not because shes sick or anything, its so she gets skinny. She's 15, 4'11, and only 51 pounds. Im good friends with her doctor so we put her on a feeding tube. But she pulled it out and threw up when we left the room. So I had to make the choice to put her in rehab so she gets better. I feel like a failier as a father, that its my fualt she hates her self and is starving herself to be a twig. They will have a therapist with her all day, she'll be on a feeding tube getting lots of unsaturated fats and protiens to bup the tissues she needs. But when they took her into the room she gave me a look that could have killed me if i looked too long. It just hurts so much. I just want her to be better and love herself as much as i love her. no matter what i do to help her it just doesn't work. I dont know what to do anymore. I I just dont know