WHAT I NEED TO FOCUS ON TODAY PATIENTS & TOLERANCE Facing conditions I would like to change, letting go of people I wish were diffrent, takes growth, patients, & tolerance.   We're so easily enticed into thinking we'd be happier.   Intolerance, impatientce, or any other negatice attitude is habit-forming.  Many of us in the recovery community continue  to struggle with the habit we've formed.  Bad habits must be replaced with new, GOOD HABITS.  We can devlope a new behavior, one that that pleases us like just by doing the RIGHT NEXT THING on a daily basis to the best of are ability, by reapeating this the bad habits turn into good ones. Patients & tolerance of others opens many doors but the key wood is wilingness, if I not have that everything else is out the door.  Just where I'm at TODAY--- If I don't stay focused on a daily basis and work on the steps  the same way  its a pretty much a given my patients and tolerance  will be out the door. until next time