I did it!!!!

Well after contemplating it for months .....I shaved my head! Look out GI Jane here I come......now if only I had Demi Moore's figure....oh well can't have everything.
I just got tired of trying to make what little hair i had left look good and after getting the news yesterday that I can't go off the cyclophosphimide I knew i wasn't getting my hair back anytime soon, so after staring myself in the mirror for 20 min or so i turned on the clippers and went to town.
the look on Hubs face when he came in was priceless......once he got over the shock he even helped me clean up the back....I think i might even like this look....I had this look back in the day when i was into the punk/goth look although after really getting a good look at what is there it was a lot less grey back then....maybe i'll dye it purple too....LOL