according to my Wii fit I am down .4kg. I am weighing myself in kg's because the numbers don't mean anything to me, so I won't get held up on a number. as long as the grapg line is going down it is all good.
I went to see the dietitian at the hospitol for the cholersterol program.....that was a waste of time I've been doing all that stuff already for years. I kept asking questions about different grains and sea veggies and vegetarian options and she couldn't answer me. I guess the class is more for people who really don't know much about diet and nutrition. I just need an advanced class which they most likely do not offer. maybe I should go ot school for nutrition......nah that would take all the fun out of it if you were graded on it and really had to work on it!
Hopefully this sort of vegetarian thing will help with the weight loss effort. Now I just need to find an exercise that I can do that won't kill me.



If you find that exercise, please let me know. lol Congratulations on the weight loss. I\'m not even attempting it until we can get this prednisone a little lower. No sense in fighting a losing battle. lol I went to a dietitian once when I was pregnant because they said I had gestational diabetes. This woman was pushing 300 lbs and had to be about 5 foot and a couple of inches. She told me to eat six eggs for breakfast. Could you imagine??!! I too took nothing away from there except that they may need to restructure some of the schooling these people take.