11 weeks

My appointment went great. I was there for almost 2 hours but besides that it went great. When I first went in they check my blood pressure, weight  I've already gained 6 1/2 pounds and I'm not even 3 months yet (oh well). Then they took me to another room and a woman doctor came in and asked me every question in the book. Then she checked for the heartbeat and said if we dont hear it dont flip out. There doppler was from the 1970 or 80's she said (it was junk). Well she didnt hear the heartbeat so she took me down the hall and did a quick ultrasound. The belly kind and we got to see our precious little baby. It wouldnt stay still long enough for her to measure its heartbeat. Finally it stayed still for a second and she said the heartbeat was measuring in the 150's like I told her it was yesterday. I dont think she really believed me that I found it on the doppler because she couldnt find it with hers. We got to see its little legs and arms and head it was so cute. It was moving around in there like crazy, it kept going back and forth. She said my next ultrasound (unless they suspect something is wrong, or cant find the heartbeat) wont be till I'm between 16-20 weeks. Well I guess thats all for now. Oh another thing......I have been so tired lately. At work I struggle to stay awake. When I'm home I try to stay awake but I end up falling asleep really early. Last night I tried to get a bath and I ended up falling asleep in the bath. I guess its normal to be sleepy and I'm hoping it will start letting up soon. I wish I could take a nap during that day that would make it so much easier. Hugs Monica.