11 DPO

BFN... I really sound like a broken record.
the thing that makes it worse its that I have really sore boobs and af like pain... classic pregnancy discomfort, yet I know that I am not pregnant. So the progesterone pessaries are screwing with my body BADLY.
I wish I could call the clinic and tell them about it, just so I know that nothing is really wrong, but I know that they'll think that I am thinking that I am pregnant and I'll seem ridiculous...
to make it worse 2 have evap lines on my early morning tests (they look like BFN but super faint and turned up after the 10min mark, so I know they are not BFP's) and of course I get all exited, even though I know what they are and it takes all my inner strength to rationalise it and 'convince' myself that thats all they are EVAP LINES
I mean I am already ridiculous, I have like 5 pee sticks around me all negatives, but I can spend hours looking at them, trying to 'see' (more like will into existence) a line on the stick... sad really...



Just know we are all here for you right now no matter what happens.....we will rejoice if you get a surprise BFP and we will be here to support you with a BFN.
On a pos note though it\'s still only 11dpo....I still rooting for you! Try and keep smiling love xo

I\'m with you. I\'m 11 dpo today too, and BFN. Im so discouraged. *HUGS* I\'m sorry! But, we\'re still in the running, even if it seems like the chances are gone. 11 dpo is still fairly early...or so I keep telling myself.