11/23 "One Day at a Time" Passage...Speaks Volumes for my Life!

Reflection for the Day:
Before I came to GA, I was like an actor who insisted on writing the script, producing, directing, and, in short, running the whole show. I had to do it my way, forever trying to arrange and re-arrange the lights, lines, sets, and, most of all, the other players' performances.  If only my arrangements would stay put and people would behave as I wished, the show would be fantastic. My self-delusion led me to believe that ifthey all would just shape up, everything would be fine.  Of course, it never worked out that way.
Isn't it amazing how others seem to be "shaping up" now that I've stopped trying to manage everything and everybody?

Today I Pray
May I talk myself out of that old urge to control everything and everybody.  Time was, if I couldn't manage directly, I would do it indirectly, through manipulation, secret conferences, and asides. May I know that, if I am the one who is always pulling the strings on the marionettes, then I am also the one who feels the frustration when they collapse or slip off the stage.
Today I Will Remember
I can only "shape up" myself.